The Challange

Many modern frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton and Pure, while good, often contribute to slow load times and bloated code. These frameworks address a wide variaty to problems, modules and functions, many of which you may not need.

As most of my new responsive (and otherwise) projects usually involve making a styleguide or pattern library, I'll often find myself in need of nothing but a solid grid.

The Solution

To combat the problem of bloated css frameworks and to accomodate my team's need of a solid grid I've created It's a modern grid framework taking advantage of html classes to structure the layout of a page. It's based on flexbox and thus does not support old browsers such as IE8 and earlier. is a work in progress and will eventually include some fallback to be compatible with old browsers.

The Result

The result was the gridder.css file and a documentation page describing the use of gridder with various examples.