Compression Bear

Compress your images by up to 90% with a bear

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A color matching tool, that lets you save you favourite color combinations.

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A documentation site outlining usecases for gridder.css - a flexbox grid.

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Mikkelsen Consult

A simple one-page portfolio website, built to present the work of Rasmus Mikkelsen.

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Annette Petersen

A showcase site based on Wordpress. Depicting the best photography work of Annette Petersen.

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Tristan White (v6)

Tristan White's personal website version 6. Built on Jekyll

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Gridder - A CSS grid system based on CSS flexbox. Built on Angular JS

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Tristan White (v5)

Tristan White's personal porfolio website version 5.

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An event page, showing the schedule and other information about Holme-Rundhøjfestuge 2014.

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Gridder - A simple, lightweight CSS grid system.

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